Gait Analysis Training System

Human Track is an innovative solution of gait analysis
that extracts 3D joint angles and parameters automatically
using inertial and stereo vision sensor



Validation & Verification
– KFDA Medical Equipment approval
– Completion of clinical trial from the National general hospital
– Over 300 collected normal data

Simple diagnosis system and 3D visualized data analysis
– joint angles analysis
– gait parameters, such as stride and speed
– Editable data with synchronized image
– Real-time 3D avatar display



Technical Specification GATS
IMU Sensor Number of IMU Sensor 7
 Sensor Size 35 x 46 x 15mm
 Sensor Weight 38g
 Sampling Frequency 100Hz
 IMU 9-axial fusion
 Accelerometer ±2/±4/±8/±16g
Gyroscope ±250/±500/±1000/±2000dps
Magnetometer ±4800μT magnetic field
Data Transmission Protocol Proprietary bidirectional, 2.4GHz
Communication Bluetooth 2.1
Static Accuracy ≤ ±0.5degree
Dynamic Accuracy ≤ ±1.0degree
Battery Capacity 400mAh (2 hours use)
Stereo Vision


Resolution 1.2MPixel, 1304×976
Bit Transmission Rate 12bit ADC
Interface USB 3.0
Exposure Range 35us ― 1000s
Main System


Operating System Windows 10 / 64bit
CPU ≥ 3GHz
RAM ≥ 4Gbyte
HDD ≥ 12Gbyte
VGA DirectX 9.0 Compatible