Wireless Foot Pressure Measurement Sensorized Insole

Wireless insole type foot pressure measurement system
with more than four hundred built-in sensors
that allows to perform precise analysis



– High-res & High-precision pressure distribution measurement
– Analysis of foot pressure distribution
– Dynamic and static foot pressure analysis
– Posture & balance analysis
– Real-time data processing in 50Hz
– Calculates maximum and average pressure
– Shows center of pressure for each foot
– Ground reaction force of each foot
– Connects with custom insole design software



Technical Specification FlexInFit
Thickness 0.3mm
Material polyester
Type of sensor Resistive
Number of sensors 214 for each insole
Measurement range 0 – 100 N/㎠
Sensitivity 0.1 N/㎠
Resolution 10 bit
Sampling Frequency 25 to 50Hz
Size 225 mm – 330 mm